Welcome to the Pathfinder “Kassen and Beyond” Campaign Site.

This Obsidian Portal Site is devoted to a Pathfinder Game based out of the village of Kassen in northern Nirmathas.

The game was started by Steve, Andrew, Wayne, Josh, and 2 other players following the Crypt of the Everflame Pathfinder Module. 2 players dropped out and Andrew, Wayne, and Josh continued on to the Masks of the Living God Module where they were briefly joined by a co-worker of Wayne’s, and then the City of Golden Death module when they were joined by Gary as well.

After that series of modules, Josh took over GM responsibility so Steve could run a PC for a while. The first adventure with Josh as GM is based loosely on the Curse of Vintner adventure from the Dragon Age RPG Set 1 boxed set.

The PCs successfully banished the revenge demon from Kassen and then settled down for a nice vacation, which was rudely interrupted by Barrick, a dwarven Pathfinder sent from Skelt to recruit the PCs (2 of which are from Skelt originally) to help with troubles in the tunnels below the city where the party found a shape-changing serpentfolk wizard who was trying to summon an aspect of Lamashtu into the world to unleash more monsters on the city. The Heroes were able to stop the summoner and banish the beast back into the Abyss.

The PCs are currently level 7, and consist of Zim a barehanded monk, Pendagast a druid of weather, Garret a barbarian/fighter/rogue, and Whitaker a 2-handed weapon fighter. Josh’s original character Namizar is on hiatus in the area of Hellsmouth in Chelax.

Check out the adventure log, wiki, characters, and items tabs and sections for more information or to edit the information found there.

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Pathfinder Kassen