Skelt, City in the Mountain

Skelt is a large town, or small city, that is located along the western edge of Nirmathas.

It is build high up on the side of a mountain and actually is divided into the “Uptown” which is built on a plateau on the mountain side where mostly humans and half-elves live and work, and the “Downtown” which is the larger part of the city entirely built underground in a large cavern and side tunnels and which is the main area of the city, as well as the area where most of the dwarves live and work.

Skelt is a prosperous city which has greatly benefited from new trading routes to the west to the more recently civilized parts of Varisia. Skelt is also unique in that in order to access the city, one must cross over or through many bridges, elevators, and switchbacks that climb up the side of the mountain and provide outstanding protection against marauders and assault from anyone wishing to attack the city.

Recently, however, some seismic activity has collapsed some of the tunnels deep below Skelt where miners and engineers have uncovered previously unknown tunnels that appear to be of ancient dwarven design. At about the same time that these tunnels were found, groups of miners and engineers have started going missing, with almost no evidence of what may have befallen the groups.

The current leaders of Skelt, mostly a council made up of the various Guilds in the city, have been at a loss over what to do… they need the mines open to provide raw materials for their craftsmen and smiths that provide income to the city, and they are excited about the possibility of finding ancient dwarven artifacts or even uncovering previously unknown history about the dwarven people, but they are worried by the rash of disappearences and especailly by the mysterious nature of such disappearences. They have put out a call to recruit some brave adventurers to discover what is going on below their city before things get out of hand.

Skelt, City in the Mountain

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