Kassen, It Takes a Village

Kassen is a small town on the northern border between Nirmathas and Lastwall. It was founded years ago by a hero, Kassen, after he retired from adventuring with his fellow adventurers, Asar and Erimine.

Kassen is typically a quiet town, but recent events starting with the sacreligious sacking of Kassen’s Tomb, the theft of Asar’s Amulet, and then the rise of demon of revenge in the woods and ruins north of the town have left the town with many casualties and many abandoned homesteads on the outskirts of town.

Luckily, the town is not without heroes. A group of young adventurers rose to the challenge of battling the Cult of Razmir that had infiltrated Kassen’s Tomb and the heroes were able to track Erimine, an elven sorcerer of much power back to the Isle of Terror at the center of Lake Encarthan and prevent her from using Kassen and Asar’s amulets to strengthen Razmir’s hold on the easter portions of the Inner Sea. Returning to Kassen, they were able to put the spirit of Asar back in his tomb and quiet some of the issues around Kassen.

Their victory, however, was short lived as a new evil had arisen in the Fangwood and was preying on the people of Kassen. A demon, calling itself Mythallen, or the elvish word for revenge, previously imprisoned centuries ago by the elves of the area, had found a means of escape by possessing an angry young elf. The demon started corrupting other elves, turning them into hideous fiends that were stalking the woods around the town. By tracking the demon back to it’s prison, freeing the remaining captured elves, and then rushing to the defense of Kassen when the demon and his minions attacked the town, the heroes were once again able to save Kassen from destruction.

Kassen, It Takes a Village

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