Eshara's Silver Link

Large but broken link from a chain, the link shines with a bright silver essence


This part of a magical chain had helped keep the evil revenge demon Mythallen captive for many years… but eventually, the magic trapping the demon was broken, and the chain shattered. However, the magic of the ancient elves was not fully disappated and the chain retained some of it’s inherent magic. When Mythallen’s deathblow was dealt by the fighter Whitaker, the chain merged with crossguard of Whitaker’s already magical greatsword, giving it even further power and enchanting it into a Greatsword +2 which he carries to this day.


A young elven woman, Eshara, escaped from capture by some demonic entity and managed to grab this broken link from an alter of sorts while making her escape.

The link does radiate strongly of abjuration magic, although the broken edge seems to be leaking magic constantly.

Eshara's Silver Link

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