Semanash Tomebreaker (deceased) and Morikal, his apprentice

Semanash, an elder dwarf confined to a wheelchair, and his apprentice Morikal, are key members of the Tomebreakers Guild in Skelt.


Semanash appeared to be an elderly dwarf, confined to a wheelchair, who had worked his way up to leader of the Tomebreaker’s Guild in Skelt. After his disappearance the Heroes of Kassen descended into the ancient dwarven ruins below Skelt and discovered that Semanash was actually a shape-changing serpentfolk summoner who had assumed the guise of the old dwarf to further his plans. The Heroes were able to stop Semanash from summoning an aspect of Lamashtu through a portal at the heart of the mountain the Skelt is build upon, slaying him in the process.

Morikal was Semanash’s trusted apprentice and was unaware of his mentor’s dual forms and evil tendencies. Morikal, despite being younger than most members of the Tomebreaker’s Guild is one of the guild’s most promising members.


Semanash Tomebreaker (deceased) and Morikal, his apprentice

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