19 year old human rogue escaped from slavery in Molthune


Level 5 Rogue
Masterwork Rapier
+1 Studded Leather Armor
+1 Dagger
Masterwork Sling
Masterwork Light Mace
Masterwork Silvered Shortsword
Handy Haversack


One of the “Heroes of Kassen”, Namizar had escaped from Molthune and worked his way north into Nirmathas, finally settling in Kassen under the tutelage of a halfling working at the Seven Silvers Inn in Kassen.

After battling undead and putting Asar to rest in Kassen, Namizar helped investigate the Cult of Razmir in Tamran and eventually helped defeat Aramine in the City of Gold on the Isle of Terror.

Using his newly won gold, weapons, and skills, he is currently returning to Molthune to work at freeing some of his family from the bonds of slavery.


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