Pathfinder Kassen

Where now Brave Adventurer?

After stopping the Cult of Lamashtu and the serpentfolk from opening a portal under Skelt and unleashing the madness and monsters of Lamashtu, the party returned to the surface and tried to find some rest and count their gold.

Despite their best intentions to relax, rumors reached their ears of further issues in the world.

Some of the locals, despite Semanash’s destruction, still have concerns about the access to the Underdark below Skelt and some of the Guilds would like the party to find out how the serpentfolk got under Skelt to begin with.

Rumors of illness and turmoil in the Varissian city of Korvosa to the west, which is the largest trading partner of Skelt outside Nirmathas. Currently the new, and very young queen is barely holding back a city wide revolution while her old husband lays ill.

Tales of ogres and worse assaulting Fort Thorn and the Bloodsworn Vale north of Skelt… if the fort falls and the ogres mount a larger assault on Nirmathas Skelt could be cut off from its main tradelanes. Also, this is the same area where Garret and Zim where found when their family was killed in the mountains by ogres and hill giants.

Rumors of a shadow dragon from the dark and strange lands of Nidal filter up from the south. Nidal, who has started expanding it’s territory into the edge of Nirmathas and potentially spearheading worse to come from this land run by shadow magic and a council of evil princes.

Despite all these rumors, the party agrees to head to the Weathervane’s estate on the Upside of Skelt for a grand feast and costume ball. As the party heads into the magnificent dinning hall they are greeted by many of the guild leaders and personalities they have met in Skelt. As the dinner begins, Miriana Weathervane’s half-elven boyfriend gathers everyones attention as he begins to propose to his sweetheart. However, just as his toast ends his potential bride to-be looks horrified as the suits of ornate armor spread around the two-story ballroom begin to animate and attack the guests. It soon becomes apparent that the suits are filled with animated undead warriors.

Chaos ensues the and party falls back to the kitchens only in time to see Miriana’s potential fiancee fall to the swordstrikes of the animated undead. The PCs see Miriana hold forth her amythest gem, shout some words of power and the whole room flashed purples before the suits of armor all fall. Miriana then flees from the room into the deeper parts of the castle just as the city guard arrives and carries her dead fiancee from the halls.

The party quickly decides that perhaps Skelt is not where they want to be right now and quickly gathers up their horses and supplies and sets out for Korvosa before the rest of the city rises in the morning.



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