Pathfinder Kassen

Assault on the Mountains

After the party left Skelt, they headed north and west into the foothills of the Mindspin Mountains and the Bloodsworn Vale. Knowing that orc and ogre assaults were becoming more aggressive further to the north, the party decided to rest in a cave up on a hillside with a commanding view of the pass and approach to the cave.

Despite their precautions, the party is awoken late at night by the sounds of something large scrambling up the cliff walls and the sounds of wings beating outside the cave entrance.

Jumping to attention, the party finds itself face to face with a large winged demon who immediately casts a web across the cave entrance, cutting off 1/2 the party still in the cave. Then 2 clawed, crab like creatures with human-like torsos scramble over the edges of the cliff and assault the party while the demon tells the party that Lamashtu is not happy with them for meddling in her affairs and that now it is time to die.

The party’s druid summons a tiger, Whitaker hacks his way through the webbing, and a melee ensues where the party is able to slay the demon and throw the crab-like creatures off the cliffs, but now they know that the Mother of Monsters has her minions after them.



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