Pathfinder Kassen

A Brief Summary

Since none of us are the same...

It all began in Kassen, a small village along the Fangwood on the northern border of Nirmathas.

The Quest for the Everflame, a coming of age ritual for a party of young adventurers… Zim the elven monk, Zander the confused sorcerer, Namizar the inept thief, a boisterous cleric/swashbuckler, and a tower shield supported by a walking tin can of armor… little did they all know what what should have been a town coordinated test of bravery would become a fight for their lives against the evil released by cultists of Razmir who freed the evil spirit of Asar from his tomb when they stole his gem.

The party did prevail… slowing the spread of evil and somewhat avenging the townsfolk as they rescued the Everflame of Kassen and were blessed by the spirit of Kassen himself.

With their realization that the stolen gem of Asar was the key to returning peace to their village, the party, now reduced to three and with Zim changing races, Zander changing classes and deities, and Namizar still unable to find any traps, headed south to Tamran where the Pathfinder Society needed their help infiltrating the Cult of Razmir.

Sadly stealth, deception, and reconnaissance are not their forte, and brute force only served to delay their success. Eventually the party was able to infiltrate (and I use that term loosely) the cult and learn of Arimine’s plot to return to the Isle of Dread and the City of Gold to obtain unimaginable wealth for her patron, the Lord Razmir, the Living God.

The next leg of their journey, a perilous boat ride to the center of Lake Encath, and an overland trek across the cursed land of the Isle of Dread resulted in them finding the City of Gold and meeting up with a fellow adventurer, Whitaker, a capable fighter whose biggest fault is not replacing the grips on his greatsword. After tripping all of the defenses and traps in the city, the party was able to confront Arimine for the Golden Scepter and subdue the crazed elven sorceress before they were all encased in molten gold. However, their dreams of an early retirement were cut short when all the gold they collected from the city vanished when they left the city’s limits, leaving them with only the weapons and armor on their backs, and the gems of Asar and Kassen to be returned to Kassen’s Tomb. Well, that and the knowledge that they put and end to one of Razmir’s top priests and survived their encounters on the Isle of Dread.



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